Argentine striker Emiliano Sala, goes missing as the plane he boarded went missing over the English Channel

There has been fears arising over the reportedly missing plane, which Argentine striker boarded, goes missing over the English Channel. 

Emiliano Sala

Guernsey police has suspended attempt to search for the plane, following this development, the search and rescue operation will face a tough time and decision tomorrow on whether to continue the search for the missing aircraft.

Captain David Barker in a statement to the BBC says the likely area where the plane could have crashed is expanding, he further said “it gets to the point where it’s impossible, even with unlimited resources to search that area”.

“The weather forecast for tomorrow is not as good as today, so we will be making a very difficult decision in the morning whether we can carry on with the search or not.”

Around the town centre Supporters have been gathering around to pay tribute to Sala, with many laying down yellow tulips and scarves.

Fans laying down yellow tulips and scarves

Other players and fans have sent in there concerns and expressed their sadness following Emiliano Sala’s disappearance.

Fulham manager Claudio Ranieri has expressed how devastated he is after hearing the news.

Various updates from the Guernsey polices, who first officially conducted the search in Sala’s missing aircraft, before suspending the search, has confirmed that there has been several objects floating the water, and that the search team has found no sign of anyone on board.

Guernsey Police also stated that they will be providing no further updates to the situation this evening.

Fans and friends of Emiliano Sala has taken to their twitter handle to express their sadness and worries and have moved the tag, #prayforSala.

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