Chinese Human right lawyer Wang Quanzhang, has been imprisoned

Wang Quanzhang, a prominent Chinese human right lawyer has been sentenced to four and half years, for State subversion. 

Mr. Wang, who is 42 years old is known for his defense for political campaigners and victims of land seizures, as well as for those who who have been banned from the spiritual Falun Gong movement.

He was also among the several lawyers and activists arrested in a 2015 crackdown and the last to go on trial.

For years now, China has intensified its prosecution of human rights lawyers.

The trial had been conducted behind closed doors with journalists and foreign diplomats barred from the courthouse.

Mrs. Li Wenzu, Wang’s wife, was also been banned from attending her husband’s trial and has been confined to her home in Beijing. She has shaved her hair in protest of his detention and has also filed weekly petitions to China’s highest court.

Mrs. Wang has been a tireless champion for her husband’s case.




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