Comedian Pete Davidson diss R&B singer R. Kelly, saying he should be shot in the face

With the tones of emotional reaction still streaming on the internet, following the release of the docuseries #surviving R. Kelly, lots of celebrities have come out to express their displeasure towards the R&B singer R. Kelly. 

Pete Davidson an SNL comedian and ex-fiance to Ariana Grande, has also tolled the line of other celebrities to react and express his displeasure after watching the docuseries #surviving R. Kelly, which showed the negative experience of women who accused the crooner singer of sexually assault and child molestation.

He shared his feelings on the docuseries, during his comedy show at Bell House, Brooklyn, on Monday night, were he said ‘I thought I was having a bad year.’

‘Man, that guy is evil,’ Davidson said before adding that the Ignition crooner should ‘get shot in the f****ng face.’


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