Denial of USA visa is no joy to the consular officer–US Embassy

The denial of visa to applicants in Nigeria does not give joy to the Consular officer, the United States Embassy stated this as they reacts to the outcry of Nigerians over the high rate of USA visa denial. 

In a post on its Twitter and Facebook handle on Monday, the embassy explained that it consular officers do not gain anything by denying those seeking to travel to the US visa.

It, however, appealed to Nigerians to join its visa officers live on Facebook on Wednesday to know why they were denied visa as a result of “commonly misunderstood questions” in the course of their applications.

The Twitter post read, “Contrary to popular opinion, Consular Officers do not enjoy refusing anyone a visa. Proof: Join us on Facebook for demonstrations on how to complete the DS 160 correctly. April 17 | 2:00pm #AskTheConsul.

”The Facebook post also read “Contrary to popular opinion, Visa Officers do not enjoy handing anyone the 214b refusal letter. Proof: Visa Officers will be live on Facebook to talk about some of the commonly misunderstood questions on the DS 160 and help you improve your next application.

“But the explanation by the embassy has triggered various reactions from visa applicants on both Twitter and Facebook.

Various  applicants have taken to their twitter and Facebook handle to narrate their experiences when they attend the embassy interview.

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