Election violence : A woman stabbed at a polling unit in Osun State

Most elections are never void of violence, today’s elections has had its fair share of disruptions and violence, A woman has been stabbed at a polling station in Osun state, following an altercation with another lady.

The incident took place at Akarabata ward 1 Units 1-12 which is situated in Lagere, Oranmiyan tower complex.

The lady whose name could not be verified as at the time of this report, was stabbed by another voter while on the queue.

The fight was said to have ensued over who wasn’t on the said queue.

In the course of the squabble, the victim was stabbed in the face with a broken bottle.

The stabbed woman at Lagere polling unit

Speaking on the incident, AIG Adeleye Oyebade who is in charge of Zone 11 in Osun, said that the lady who stabbed the victim has been arrested.

Police arresting the lady who stabbed another woman in Lagere polling unit

AIG Oyebade said the situation is not one to be extremely worried




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