Kelly Knight announced to be UN Ambassador pick

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has made his plans known, to announce his nomination of Kelly Knight Craft for the country’s vacant post of the United Nations envoy. 

In a statement today, the U. S President said, “She’s done a great job representing us as USAmbCanada and we know she’ll be a strong voice for America at the United Nations.

Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State has also issued a statement praising the nomination, saying he was “very pleased” with the choice and said he looked forward to working with her at the UN.

Ms Knight Craft made headlines shortly after she started the job, after she told a Canadian broadcaster that she believed scientists on “both sides” of the climate change debate.

Mr Craft donated at least $1m (£770,000) to President Trump’s inauguration fund, according to Open Secrets, a non – profit group that tracks political contributions.



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