President Buhari expresses optimism of a credible poll, as he receives EU delegates

The European union Observers Mission, EOM, delegates are in Nigeria in view of the forthcoming general elections in February, and has been received by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Receiving the delegates, President Muhammadu Buhari expresses his optimism, regarding the preparation done by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, and he is impressed that they, will deliver the mandate of a credible election.

The President who received the team of delegate in company of their chief observer and member of the European Parliament, Maria Arena, at the State house on Tuesday, made it known to the delegates that he has listened to the INEC chairman Mahmood’s briefing at the National Council of State, earlier.

Mr. President also assured the EU delegation that Nigeria as a country has grown its Electoral system and has gotten better over the years.

He also emphasize that his administration has identified itself with national interest, which includes security, peace and stability, improved economy, jobs and creation and fight against corruption,also noting, that the party was not wrong in 2015, and is not wrong going into the election this year with the same issues in its campaigns.

The EOM team led by Ambassador Ketil Karlsen, said that the EU has observed every election in Nigeria since 1999, and are here again in respect to the INEC’s invitation.

The EU delegation assured the President, that they will be impartial and neutral in the monitoring of the elections.


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