Set of triplets shares an unusual story about their birth

The three Nigerian triplets named Toni, Tomisin and Tomiwa, has shared their unusual story surrounding their birth as the marked another birthday. 

The sisters in their story stated that their mother ad no idea she was expecting triplets, cause the scan showed she was only expecting one baby, but her tummy kept growing larger and bigger than usual.

In the fifth month, UT was then discovered that she was expecting twins and their mother started shopping for twin babies..

It wasn’t until the day of delivery that it was discovered that there’s a third baby, In fact iw was when the doctors were about stitching their mother up after a Cesarean section that they felt a movement. They then realised there was a third baby in there and had to open her up again.

Tomiwa took to her twitter handle to write :

A must read???

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