Woman set house on fire, with her husband and side chick in it

A woman identified as Mrs. Ireen Kalenga aged 28, has set her house with her husband and his side chick,on fire after, her husband Mr. Kalenga had brought his pregnant side chick to their matrimonial home. The woman in question set her house on fire after her husband, Mr Kalenga brought a pregnant woman home to live with them, and asked her Mrs. Ireen to either leave or stay if she want to.

On receiving the news Mrs Ireen burnt the house occupied by her family, in the night while her husband, Mr Kalenga and his pregnant side chick were still asleep.

The pregnant woman, identified as one Ms. Tina Mofya narrated the incident to the police authorities.

She stated that Mrs Ireen has not been able to conceive, after three years of marriage, while she luckily got pregnant for Mr. Kalenga.

Kalenga gave his wife an option to either accept Ms. Tina into their home or move out. He further said, “Ireen waited until midnight, while he and Tina were fast asleep, she packed her belongings and set the house on fire”.

The Police has started an investigation for the search of Mrs. Ireen Kalenga, and are going to charge her when caught with attempted murder.

Mr Kalenga burnt house

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