Wrestler Undertaker likely to quit after wrestlemania

Legendary  wrestler, Undertaker is not retiring from professional wrestling, but will likely not perform for the rest of the year. 

News making rounds suggests that Undertaker is not part of the Wrestlemania and may retire soon after the ultimate show.

Jon Fisher however, has said Undertaker will not be hanging up his wrestling gear, any time soon, but will and can take the entire year off.

Fisher in a statement, made this clear concerning Taker’s retirement, he said, “I’ve been asked a few times about Taker.

“He’s not retiring, but he might not be wrestling.

“It might be the year of nothing for Taker which is okay.

“Maybe it’s fine to not have him wrestle every f*****g year.

“It’s okay to take a year off.

Undertaker still wrestles at the age of 53 but on a part-time basis due to his advanced age and long history of injuries.

The Phenom’s most recent match took place at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia where he reformed the legendary Brothers of Destruction with his scripted brother Kane.


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